What Do You Hate About Maternity Clothing

3 Things People Don’t like About Their Maternity Clothing

While there are a lot of wonderful (and quite a few unpleasant) things about pregnancy, there are also so many things nobody tells you about pregnancy. For example, while everyone tells you about morning sickness, nobody says it lasts the entire pregnancy. Certainly nobody warned you about the drudgery of shopping for ill-fitting, expensive maternity clothing! For a majority of us, shopping for maternity clothing is the same as shopping for sanitary napkins – they’re essential but not something we enjoy shopping for! Here are some of the things most women hate about maternity clothing:

  1. It’s Either Too Expensive or Too Cheap:

Who doesn’t envy Kate Middleton’s maternity style? From wearing high-street maternity brands to showing off exclusively designed gowns and dresses, she was always prim, proper, and perfect. Average Janes like me wouldn’t spend on an entire maternity wardrobe what Kate spends on a single dress. It makes no sense to spend hundreds of dollars on dresses that won’t be worn after a few months. Besides she has a whole team that does the shopping for her. For a majority of us it’s a chore that we’d like to get done with as soon as possible. The ones that aren’t expensive are too cheap. As with all things, you get what you pay for. The result? We end up buying ill-fitting and flimsy clothes.

  1. It Just Doesn’t Fit Right:

Why doesn’t anybody make maternity clothing for real women? Items are either designed for skinnier moms or they’re way too big—large enough to drown a soon-to-be mother! Most maternity clothing isn’t designed to accommodate a changing body frame. It’s not just our belly that’s growing wide: the arms, buttocks, and breasts get bigger too. While most clothes accommodate a growing belly, they don’t fit well around the arms or waist. That is why Mother Bee uses a mix of rayon and spandex to make well-fitting maternity clothing. The material is super soft and breathable as well, thereby ensuring perfect fit and comfort.

  1. There’s Limited Choice:

This is especially true for working women who don’t want to wear yoga pants to work. Don’t even get me started on special-occasion clothes! There’s not much choice for women not willing to compromise on style just because they’re pregnant. Wraparounds are great, but you can’t wear them for nine months!