Top 25 Must-Have Maternity Clothes You Need During Pregnancy

Top 25 Must-Have Maternity Items You Need During Pregnancy



If you're expecting or have children, you know how important finding suitable maternity clothes can be. Finding the right clothing to suit your maternal needs is important for feeling comfortable when you're pregnant.

These must-have maternity clothes can help you find something perfect for your needs. This top 25 list has items for all seasons and styles.

When it gets too hot or too cold, extreme temperatures can make your pregnancy experience miserable. There are options for winter to keep you warm and lighter selections for hotter weather. There are even specialty items to wear when you're nursing.

What maternity clothes do you really need? Browse the list for must-have summer maternity clothes and other must-have maternity items.

Top 25 Must-Have Maternity Items You Need During Pregnancy


1.    Maxi Dress

This burgundy floral pattern Maxi Dress is short-sleeved with a thin design that makes it great to wear at night or during the spring and summer months. The light design of the polyester material makes this dress a perfect option for any stage of pregnancy. This dress is available in all sizes and is safe for the washing machine. Add this to your list of must-have maternity clothes.


2.    Fitted Blazer

This fitted blazer is deservingly on the list of must-have maternity clothes. The sleek design of this fitted jacket is guaranteed to leave you feeling comfortable and confident. Having tops and jackets that fit your shape while allowing you to remain comfortable is important for maintaining your confidence while expecting.


3.    Ruched Maternity Shorts

Anybody that's expecting (especially in the summer) needs to add these ruched maternity shorts to their list of must-have maternity clothes. These shorts have side ruching to accommodate your growing belly during your pregnancy. These shorts are perfect for women in their third and fourth trimesters. They're 95% rayon and safe for the washer.


4.    New Non-Nursing Bras

These non-nursing bras are the perfect top accessories for women in the first and even second trimester. These non-wired bras are great for providing shape without pinching or becoming uncomfortable. The lack of wiring makes these great for early-stage pregnancy before switching to a nursing style-bra. Lightly-lined for extra cooling and comfort, these bras are great for when you're expecting in the summer months.



5.    Bathing Suit

These maternity bathing suits are on every expectant mom's must-have maternity clothes list this year. There's no need to be bashful when your family and friends hit the water. Comfortable but molded to your figure, these bathing suits have the perfect design to provide your mid-section with comfort. These oversized maternity t-shirts are the perfect addition to throw on over these bathing suits.




6.    A Fitted Dress with Belly Ruching


If you're expecting during the spring or summer months, being able to wear a dress is important. Being able to wear a dress means you can still flaunt your shape while remaining tasteful and classy. These fitted dresses have ruching around the belly to provide you with maximum fit and comfort for your mid-section.




7.    Bump Band

A bump band is a perfect way to support your belly in the later stages of your pregnancy. These adjustable bands wrap around the entire circumference of your midsection to provide your back with the extra support it needs. Avoid sore muscles and other painful feelings in your back by trying this must-have maternity clothes accessory. Wear your favorite shirt with this band for a great fitting combo.




8.    Maternity T-Shirts

Maternity t-shirts are the perfect top to compliment your cute frame during your pregnancy. A maternity t-shirt is great for lounging, everyday activity, or even when you're out and about running daily errands. Most maternity t-shirts provide some sort of stretch material to comfortably accommodate your belly with a little extra length near the bottom.




9.    Clothes or Dresses with Belly Belt

When you can find the right clothes that go well or come with a belly belt, don't pass on them. In the later stages of your pregnancy, being able to wear a shirt or dress that's a little looser fitting with a belly belt gives you a snug fit with plenty of comfort and support for your precious cargo.


10. Suited Nursing Bras

Suited nursing bras are the perfect item for your must-have maternity clothes list. After the first or second trimester, you'll need to accommodate for your changing body that's changing for a baby. Nursing bras add extra support without sacrificing comfort and offer a high level of convenience for nursing mothers.




11. Long Nursing Tanks

Long nursing tanks are the perfect maternity accessory for a new mom. These tanks hug your figure but provide elasticity for comfort as well. The top portion easily flips down to accommodate nursing moms. The longer design is a great addition to provide cover for your sensitive belly area after giving birth.




12. Maternity Lounge and Sleepwear

Getting quality sleep can already be hard when you're expecting. Give a little extra support to the cause by choosing a quality lounge or sleepwear set. These maternity items are great for bedtime or relaxing during the day when you have downtime. The lightweight material of these lounge and sleepwear items provides cooling comfort during the night hours when you need it most. This ability to help cool you down can help you get much-needed rest.





13. Edge-to-Edge Cardigan


An edge-to-edge maternity cardigan is the perfect fall or winter accessory for your must-have maternity clothes list. The soft material on these cardigans provides maximum comfort when it's cold. The lightweight material and design ensure that you don't end up over warming, and the cardigan doesn't bog your body down. Cardigans are great for spending beautiful fall evenings on the porch or near a firepit. You can also use the cardigan after you give birth and enjoy the convenience of the nursing options they bring.




14. A Pair of Fabulous Flats

A nice pair of flats is the perfect addition to any pair of maternity bottoms. Flats provide your feet extra to breathe and can help against swelling and other discomforts. These are great for stepping out of the house or wearing in your home. A good pair of maternity flats will also have slip-resistant material on the bottom to prevent the possibility of an expectant mom slipping indoors or outdoors under damp conditions.





15. Lots of Leggings

Leggings should be a staple item on your list of must-have maternity clothes. These stretch pants are reliable, comfortable, and versatile for any expectant mother. They provide your belly with support without being tight and have a style that is suitable for many settings.




16. Maternity Vest with Baby Support

These adorable vests are the perfect maternal fashion statement for the fall and winter seasons. Carry your baby around with the added holder in the front without having to tie your hands up. This lifesaver is great for moms who have to travel with a baby or have lots of busy time around the house. If you find yourself having trouble carrying everything and completing all your tasks, this vest is a great way to give yourself some help.



17. Maternity Poncho/Nursing Shawl

A maternity poncho is the perfect mixture of warmth and convenience. If you're outside in the fall and need to warm up without being constricted by a huge jacket, this accessory is the perfect option. You'll also have the ability to accommodate your baby's feeding schedule with this lifesaver. Have a nice evening outside or relax by a fire indoors while enjoying time with your baby and family.




18. Maternity Nursing/Crossover Shirt


A nursing crossover shirt is a perfect way to stay stylish without sacrificing your ability to feed your baby. These shirts are great for everyday use around the house in the fall or winter. They're also perfect for public appearances or routine daily tasks away from home.




19. Maternity Jumpsuits

Maternity jumpsuits might be the cutest items of all the in-demand maternity clothes this year. These jumpsuits are perfect for the spring or summer seasons. The lightweight material allows for plenty of ventilation for expectant moms during hot months. These jumpers are a great way to provide shape for your mid-section so you can show off your beautiful pregnant belly. Maternity jumpsuits come in all lengths and styles, from Capri-types to full-length pants.




20. A Silky Tunic


A silky tunic is a perfect item for expectant moms in the spring or summer. These lightweight, sleeveless tops allow for maximum ventilation and range of movement. The ability to nurse with these tops gives you options for feeding the baby as well.






21. Perfect Maternity Tops


A perfect maternity top is mandatory for any expectant mom's must-have maternity clothes list. The ideal top will provide plenty of room for motion, lightweight material for cooling, and a stylish design. Maternity tops are a perfect wardrobe item to have during all four seasons. These are great for wearing under jackets, by themselves in the spring or summer, and even for putting over nursing-style tank tops.






22. Maternity Underwear


Maternity underwear is an extremely vital piece of bottom clothing. It's important to get quality maternal underwear that doesn't allow pinching or discomfort. Maximum stretching around the top of the underwear is important to provide belly coverage and support. Most maternity underwear is made from materials that won't harm sensitive skin.



23. Bralettes


Bralettes are possibly one of the most important maternal clothing items. They add another level of comfort for a new mom or woman that's expecting. If you're going to choose the natural way to feed your baby, a bralette should be on your list of maternal nursing items.




24. Maternity Winter Jacket


Any woman that's expecting during the winter months should invest in a quality maternity winter jacket. These jackets are efficient at providing protection from the cold without being too heavy on an expectant mom's body. A quality winter jacket will be lined with waterproof material and even have a fur lining around the hood to provide warmth for your head. Try to find a jacket that has extra length to keep the tops of your legs warm as well. It's never a bad idea to shop one size up to accommodate your budding frame. You never know when you'll want to zip up!




25. Pajamas

Every expectant mom needs a cute pajama set. A two-piece pajama set for nighttime or early morning lounging is the perfect gift or a way for an expectant mom to treat herself. You can find pajama sets with crossover features that you can use after delivering a baby. These allow you to lounge while feeding the baby before bedtime. Choose maternity pajamas that are lightweight to prevent overheating at night. These bedtime fashion accessories are great for women at any stage of pregnancy and suitable for any time of year.



If you're expecting and thinking about your wardrobe, use this list as a guideline to help purchase your most vital items and accessories. Plan for all stages of pregnancy, even after you give birth, and you're nursing. Keep in mind that some maternal clothes can be used during your pregnancy and the months after you give birth.

Here's a tip for all you moms-to-be. Don't throw away your maternity clothes. You might end up needing them again if you decide to get pregnant in the future! It's also possible you'll have the option to bless an expectant mom in the future who could use some help with maternity items in the form of hand-me-downs.