Should You Invest in Maternity Wear?

Maternity Wear: To Buy or Not to Buy


Pregnancy brings a whole new set of changes. With a baby growing inside, your body changes, and old clothes no longer fit. But pregnancy doesn’t need to be a reason to look and feel drab. With a little time and effort, you can look fashionable, feel comfortable, and wear the best maternity dresses and other maternity wear. Thanks to online stores, stocking up on a fashionable maternity wardrobe also doesn’t have to cost you’re a fortune. But does everyone really need maternity clothing? Read on to learn more.


The First 4 Months of the Pregnancy Journey


For the first four months, your existing wardrobe should suffice. Opt for long skirts, loose and oversize shirts, and stretchable tank tops. You can wear skirts a little above the navel for the most flattering look. Another option is loose-fitting cargo pants and flowy tops. Leggings and yoga pants are also perfect during the first few months because they will stretch as your body begins to change.


From the 5th Month Onward


At this stage, wearing regular clothes may become difficult because of your growing baby bump. If you don’t wish to invest in maternity wear, opt for pants with elastic waistbands and drawstring bottoms. Make sure your clothes do not put pressure on your belly or constrict it too much. Stretchy clothing can be worn over or below the bump to suit your comfort and style.


Elastic soft knit bottoms can be paired with a matching untucked top. And if you are looking for stylish work clothes, incorporate blazers and cardigans to dress your look up. Maxi dresses are another breezy option that can be easily dressed up.


Low-rise pants and clothes made with Lycra and spandex are also good choices. You may also find yourself borrowing your partner’s clothes. You can use his long shirts and tie them over a camisole for a stylish look.


However, the most comfortable choice is often to invest in some maternity wardrobe staples, especially if you still need to dress up for work. Shop around and visit popular maternity clothing stores (both online and offline), consignment shops, and garage sales. Always go for quality, comfortable pieces. A few pairs of maturity pants, some versatile tops, and a handful of dresses can make getting ready easier and help you to feel your best.