Maternity Clothing for Curvy Woman

Plus Size Maternity Clothes Tips to Help You Style Your Baby Bump

Regardless of size, every mom-to-be wants to look and feel her best. But styling with a baby bump when you’re a bit on the heavy side can be tricky. Often, there aren’t many brands that offer plus size maternity clothes. Other retailers make amazing maternity clothes, but they’re expensive and don’t offer much in terms of variety.

If you are curvy and pregnant, here are a few fashion tips to help you look your best:

  1. Maternity Specific or Larger Clothes: What to Buy

Sometimes people are tempted to just buy regular clothes in bigger sizes instead of shopping specifically for maternity clothes like maternity dresses. However, this tip may not work for everyone. When it comes to proper fit, comfort, and appearance just buying larger sizes can be difficult. You might end up with clothes that are too snug in some places or look baggy and unflattering in others. Proper maternity clothes consider elements such as shoulder space, the rise of pants, drapes, etc. to ensure your clothes fit correctly. Maternity clothes are designed to take into account the shape of the wearer. They also often include features that are meant to accommodate a growing body better, making them more comfortable and more practical for all stages of your pregnancy. Of course, if you are shopping for maternity clothing online, there’s no better place than Mother Bee Maternity.

  1. Choosing Comfortable Fabrics

Comfort is the key to looking great in your maternity clothes. Choose clothes that stretch and support your growing bump. Polyester is affordable but does not stretch and could be tight in different places. Instead, choose fabrics made using rayon, spandex or cotton. They’re more comfortable and drape loosely over the belly.

  1. Pay Attention to the Style and Pattern

Some styles are less flattering and less comfortable for curvy women. While some styles like empire waist maternity tops look good, some patterns, like horizontal stripes, only make individuals look bigger. Maxi dresses are the perfect choice for plus-sized women, especially if you are looking for baby shower dresses. Plus size maternity dresses will ensure you are comfortable and stylish even while your body changes through every stage of your pregnancy.

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