How to Save Money on Maternity Clothing

Three Ways to Save Money on Maternity Clothing

Shopping for maternity clothes can be overwhelming. You want to find something that stretches well and is comfortable enough as your body grows and changes. The ones that are stylish and fit are expensive, while the cheaper clothes don’t grow with you and can be unflattering. If you are looking for ways to save money on maternity clothing, here are a few tips to help you:

  1. Take an Inventory of the Clothes in Your Closet

When looking to make a maternity wardrobe, you don’t have to start from scratch. Check your current wardrobe for loose-fitting clothes, stretchy clothes, and chunky sweaters and cardigans. Most moms-to-be can wear these clothes until their second trimester. Palazzo pants, shrugs, wrap-style dresses, yoga pants, tunic-style tops and only fit your bump but look good as well. Adding just a few key pieces like maternity tops can help you to maximize what you already own and save you money. Your partner’s clothes are also likely to fit well. For example, button-down shirts can be worn unbuttoned over a loose t-shirt for a layered effect. As for nightwear, your husband’s pajamas and boxer shorts can be equally comfortable.

  1. Rent Maternity Clothing

If your job involves appearing fashionable, renting maternity clothing makes sense. This can also be a great option if you need trendy maternity clothes for a special event, a baby shower, or for a maternity photoshoot. You could rent clothes for a single occasion or sign up for a monthly subscription. The rent usually covers shipping and dry cleaning, but you may have to pay extra for insurance on expensive pieces.

  1. Buy Maternity Clothing Online

Clothes sold online are slightly more expensive than those sold at thrift stores, but they’re definitely far better in terms of quality and fit. Mother Bee Maternity was established with a simple objective in mind: to provide fashionable maternity clothing at affordable prices. We use quality fabrics and work with an in-house design team to create clothes that complement your growing belly.

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