How To Pamper Your Tired Body During Pregnancy

How To Pamper Yourself At Home During Pregnancy

From the moment you see the double lines on a pregnancy test to the moment your hearing your baby’s first cry, your body is working overtime to nurture and grow a little bundle of joy. So it's vital that, during this time, you pamper yourself and show your body some tender love and care.

To help you relax at home, we’ve put together a list of ideas that can make you feel pampered and super calm. Clear your schedule, de-stress, unwind, and relax with our at-home spa day for pregnant mommas.

Step 1: Set The Mood

Before you begin your at-home spa day, you must first set the mood. Put your phone on silent, play some soothing background music, slip into your softest maternity dress, and brew a hot pot of chamomile tea. Dim the lights and light some candles—it’s time to start the at-home pampering day.

If you've got older kids, send them to grandma or ask your partner to take them out for the day so that you can relax and enjoy without any of the usual distractions.

Step 2: It’s Steam Time

Facial steam not only preps your skin but will also make you feel super relaxed and calm. Make your own relaxing scent using your favorite essential oils. Add a few drops of soothing lavender and calming chamomile to your facial steamer. Close the windows and let the steam envelop you. Relax and enjoy the calming scent for 10 to 15 minutes.

Note: Make sure you follow all pregnancy safety guidelines and stop immediately if you feel over-heated.

Step 3: It’s Time To Mask

Once the steam has opened up the pores, it’s time to nourish your skin and hair with a nourishing mask. Apply a facial mask and hair mask. Secure your hair in an old towel and let the hydrating hair mask work its magic. If you’re feeling bored waiting for the mask to work its magic, you can use this time to put your feet up and indulge in a bit of retail therapy on the side. Purchase some maternity dresses and related accessories online! What’s more relaxing than shopping from your couch?

Step 4: Soak In A Relaxing Bubble Bath

Fill the bath; it's time for a deep relaxing soak. Add your favorite shower gel to the bathwater. If you want to really indulge, pour two cups of whole fat milk and a few tablespoons of honey to soak in a delightful concoction that will make your skin feel baby-soft by the time you step out. When you've finished the bath, don't forget to rinse off your hair. Use a clarifying shampoo to avoid any buildup. Blow-dry your hair and slip into the comfiest bathrobe. You’re ready to move on to the next step!

Step 5: Wrap Up With A Sweet Treat

If your partner is around, ask him to give you a relaxing foot massage. Turn on Netflix, stream your favorite rom-com, and eat ice cream from the tub to wrap up your relaxing spa day at home.

Being pregnant is hard. After all, growing a new life is no easy task! So, take the time to relax and enjoy yourself before the baby comes. You deserve it!