How To Dress For An Enjoyable Baby Shower

5 Styling Tips For Your Baby Shower: What To Wear

A baby shower will be one of the most exciting events for a mommy-to-be during her last trimester. If you’re wondering how to look fab for this special day, here are some tips. We’ve got you covered. We’ll make your special day even more special and a whole lot more enjoyable:

  1. Dress With Comfort In Mind:

You’re the star of the show, and this will be the case irrespective of what you wear. Don’t torture yourself with uncomfortable clothes just to look good. Shop for maternity dresses that are stylish yet comfortable and designed to accommodate your ever-growing bump.

Women are naturally frustrated during their third trimester because of the changes in their bodies. They also have to deal with getting less sleep and frequent bathroom visits. This is why a maternity dress that’s long, breathable, and fashionable is a good buy.

  1. Don’t Forget To Accessorize:

Accessories are what take the dress to the next level. A simple trinket or necklace could glamorize your whole look by a factor of 10. Pair a maxi maternity dress with a gold necklace or a chunky piece of jewelry to enhance your outfit. A huge watch, a clutch, and flat sandals can help complete the look.

  1. Choose Clothes That Match The Theme:

If it is a casual get-together with friends, wear a lightweight maternity gown that’s made using breathable fabric and flows loosely. Maxi dresses can be paired with a jacket and comfortable sandals for a slightly formal occasion. If you’re comfortable and the occasion calls for it, try on a body-hugging, ruched dress to show off your baby bump.

  1. Consider Safety First:

As tempting as it may sound, wearing heels can put you in danger of tripping and slipping. I’d suggest avoiding them even if you can handle high heels, especially during the third trimester. Similarly, don’t wear tight undergarments as they could hamper blood supply and even clog the milk ducts.

  1. Choose The Right Fabric:

Stay away from fabrics that won't stretch or feel too tight. Organic cotton is ideal for warm climates and women with sensitive skin. Synthetic fabric makes your perspiration worse and can even cause irritation and rashes. Linen is also a great choice for maternity wear as it’s lightweight and breathable. Always, maternity dresses must be breathable and comfortable.

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