Do You Really Need Maternity Clothing?

Maternity Clothing: Why Do You Need Them?

Maternity fashion has come a long way from the long-sleeve smock tops and loose-fitting dresses that pregnant women wore during the 50s. Many of today’s moms-to-be prefer to embrace and flaunt their baby bumps rather than hide them under tent-like dresses. Plus, savvy shoppers are also looking for clothes that can be worn beyond pregnancy. This is maybe part of why there’s been a debate about shopping for maternity clothing. Some prefer not to spend money on maternity dresses and instead buy larger clothes. But are these really as comfortable? Here are a few tips to help you decide on what to do for your maternity wardrobe:

  1. Finding Good Deals:

Regular brands with a selection of maternity clothing tend to sell them for more when compared to those selling exclusive maternity wear. However, clearance sales at department stores can help you to get good prices for items. There are plenty of online retailers like us selling affordable (and more importantly, comfortable) maternity clothing. You could also try eBay as many moms are trying to clear their maternity wardrobe. You may also be able to borrow clothes from a sister or a friend who was pregnant.

  1. Loose Regular Clothes Don’t Fit Well

Since loose-fitting clothes aren’t designed specifically for pregnancy, they may not really fit your shape. All loose-fitting clothes do to accommodate your growing belly is droop around the shoulders and look odd from the back. This can lead to clothes still being uncomfortable and can be unflattering. Because the front and back panels of maternity dresses are cut separately, these dresses make sure the hemline does not ride-up. The overall fit will be better, and you may be more comfortable. As for bottoms, maternity jeans and leggings are designed to grow with your belly, so they can be worn during the different stages of your pregnancy.  

  1. Maternity Clothes can be Worn while Nursing:

We design clothes that can be worn while nursing as well. This includes maternity tops with discreet feeding access, faux wrap maternity dresses, strapless gowns, crisscross maternity tops, and more.