Do’s and Don’ts of Planning a Baby Shower

Baby Shower Do's and Don’ts

Planning a baby shower can be overwhelming—it’s much more than arranging food and playing games. The most important sign of a successful baby shower is a mom-to-be looking happy and delighted as her guests depart. Therefore, it’s essential to plan a baby shower well in advance while keeping in mind the do's and don’ts of planning a baby shower, that way everything goes off without a hitch.




  • Host close to the due date: Hosting a baby shower two weeks before the due date offers a distraction for the mom-to-be; she won’t have to think about the discomfort and anxiety associated with the third trimester.


  • Invite close friends and family: Most dads want to get in on the action, so make sure they’re given a role too. All near and dear ones should be sent invitations in advance. Also, consider options for a group gift, or go with a gift registry to ensure there’s no repetition.


  • Finger foods and mocktails: Small finger foods like mini sandwiches, cakes, chocolate strawberries, and scones are all easy to prepare and taste delicious. The guests can enjoy these without worrying about baking or cooking. Also, finger foods ensure there’s little cleaning after the event has concluded. Serving mocktails is the only way to avoid drunk and loud guests at a baby shower.


  • Make the mom-to-be comfortable: It’s important to make sure the mom-to-be is comfortable throughout the baby shower. Helping her pick baby shower dresses in advance might give her the confidence boost she may need in order to enjoy herself at the event.



  • Don’t take complete charge: The party planning is to help the mom-to-be, so it’s important to follow her preferences and inputs.


  • No embarrassing games: Games are a wonderful way to have fun, but it’s best to avoid embarrassing games. Keep the mom-to-be and her guests in mind.


  • Don’t forget to thank guests: As a host, you want to always make sure you thank attending guests. If possible, hand out inexpensive but memorable party favors as guests leave.