Baby Shower Planning Guide

Tips for Planning a Baby Shower


A baby shower serves a special gathering to celebrate an expectant mother and her coming child. Most baby showers take place during the end of a pregnancy, which makes a hectic time for the mother-to-be who is getting ready for the newest addition to her family. As a host, you will want to make sure the baby shower stays true to the honoree’s personal style and taste. You should consider her favorite décor style, colors, and hobbies. You can get organized with our guide to planning the perfect shower.

Pick a Venue 

Popular spots to hold a baby shower includes church halls, private homes, tea rooms, and restaurants. Choose a location that is convenient for both the parents-to-be and the guests. There should be sufficient space for everyone to move around and have fun. Consider how many guests you plan to invite as well. If the weather is good, you can plan for a garden party or a party in a pavilion.

Plan the Décor

After selecting the theme, pick décor that fits with the theme. Purchase all non-perishable decorations at least three weeks before the baby shower. Get perishable items such as flowers and balloons as close to the time of the party as you can. Bring in the latex balloons to decorate the entrance and gift table. You can finish off the rest of the tables with floral arrangements.

Buy a Baby Shower Dress for Her

All moms-to-be want to look special at their baby shower! Knee-length lace dresses, V-neck maternity dresses, off-the-shoulder floral ruffle dresses, floral skirts, chiffon dresses, maxi maternity dresses, turtleneck sweater dresses, polka-dot dresses, and cowl neck baby shower dresses are some great options to consider. Get her something she likes and make sure it’s comfortable to wear.

Pick Up Party Favors

No party is complete without favors for the guests. As party favors are a way to thank your guests for attending the shower, choose gifts that make your guests feel loved and appreciated. Hand out take-home bags with homemade chocolates, perfumes, sugar body scrubs, mini champagne bottles, heart-shaped measuring spoons, magnetic picture frames, or anything that you know that your guests will love.

Finalize the Menu

Baby showers are similar to weddings where guests expect there to be food and drink. Talk with the local restaurant or caterers about menu options. Also, consider how the food will be served. Do you plan on having a buffet or a sit-down meal? When it comes to beverages, non-pregnant guests prefer to have alcohol. However, you must make sure that you have plenty of non-alcoholic drinks for the moms-to-be.

As the event celebrates the birth of a little bundle of joy, be sure that the celebration is everything that the mom-to-be wants it to be. Keep these ideas on your mind as you prepare for an upcoming baby shower.