6 Body Changes to Note During Pregnancy

6 Body Changes to Note During Pregnancy

The 40 weeks of pregnancy bring about many changes and transformations to a mother’s body. Many of these changes are visible, like your growing belly, weight gain, and swollen feet. Others are subtle changes like an enlarged uterus, a stiff back, and skin pigmentations. We’ve rounded up six of the most common bodily changes you can expect during pregnancy, so you aren’t surprised when they happen.

  1. Hormones

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), human placental lactogen (hPL), estrogen, and progesterone can make you highly emotional and frequently tired. Before you feel any physical changes, your endocrine system is working in full swing, which causes some emotional and mental stress. If you feel happy, sad, and guilty simultaneously, blame it on your hormones and carry on.

  1. Sensory Changes

You may find that suddenly you can identify all the subtle flavors in your food. No smell can escape you, and even a teeny tiny sound can wake you from a deep slumber. These changes are from your pregnancy. Heightened senses are something you need to live with for the next nine months.

  1. Changes to Your Metabolism

Your uterus enlargement also puts pressure on your intestines, resulting in constipation. Some painful hemorrhoids happen during pregnancy. Include more fiber in your food, and drink lots of fluids to avoid these problems.

  1. Weight Gain and Fluid Retention

You can expect to gain anywhere between 25-35 pounds during pregnancy. Weight gain usually happens during the second and third trimesters but must be watched. But that doesn’t mean that you follow a strict diet. The best advice is to make healthy food choices. Ensure that your body gets the essential nutrients with a balanced diet. Pregnancy cravings for midnight ice creams or early morning pizzas are infamous, but limiting junk foods is best. Instead, snack on healthy alternatives like fruits and nuts.

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  1. Changes to Your Hair, Nail, and Skin

Some women experience severe hair loss due to hormonal changes. Others enjoy luscious hair growth due to the increased blood circulation to all parts of the body. There are also changes to skin and nails. Generally, women acquire a natural glow to their skin during pregnancy. These changes can also be attributed to prenatal vitamins and supplements and a healthy diet.

  1. Changes to Your Breasts, Uterus, And Cervix

By the end of the second trimester, you will notice considerable changes to your breasts. They may become more tender or sore and may cause significant discomfort. Plus, they will likely get bigger.

Your enlarged uterus will push on the internal organs seeking more space. You may have difficulty breathing at times, along with leg cramps and backaches. Alleviate these discomforts with hot water baths and massages.