3 Tips To Help Pregnant Women Stay Happy & Cheerful

How To Be Happy Mother-To-Be

An expectant mother’s mental state can have a huge impact on her baby. A research study by the University of Wisconsin found that kids of mothers who experienced higher levels of stress and anxiety had less-developed white matter in their brains*.

Although some level of stress is common, constant stress could lead to an increased risk of low birth weight in babies. Channeling your energy into positive thoughts is easier than you think. If you are a mother-to-be, here are a few simple steps to stay cheerful:

  1. Practice Mindfulness:

Mindfulness is the state of being in the here and now. You train your mind to focus on where you are and what you are doing without being judgmental or becoming overwhelmed by your surroundings. Practicing mindfulness helps to create a space between you and your thoughts.

Practicing mindfulness during pregnancy is especially important as it takes the mind away from some of the not-so-welcoming aspects of pregnancy like pain, anxiety, irritability, etc. Thanks to hormone changes during pregnancy, you are more likely to act out of anger or frustration – pregnant mommies practicing mindfulness are more likely to take a step back and think before acting.

  1. Eat Healthily:

There have been several studies to prove that junk food can make a bad mood worse.  Food with too much processed carbohydrates can cause blood sugar fluctuations leaving you tired and irritable. Pregnant women are as-it-is worried about weight-gain and have trouble sleeping. They’re also on edge thanks to their out of control hormones. A study in the Journal Public Health Nutrition found that women who ate junk food are 51% more likely to be depressed – the more they ate, the more likely they are to become depressed.

  1. Wear The Right Clothes:

I know this sounds strange, but clothes can affect a person’s mood. Pregnancy brings changes to mind and body – your breasts will increase in size and so will the belly. Remember to wear the right maternity dresses, including bras and underwear that fit well. Wear clothes that are comfortable and made from breathable fabrics. At Mother Bee, we know that finding the right clothes at the right price can be a challenge – our range of maternity tops and palazzo pants are not only stylish but affordable and comfortable as well.

Source: https://news.wisc.edu/mental-health-in-pregnancy-affects-development-of-newborns-brains/