2 Reasons You Should Pick Maternity Clothes Over Plus Size Regular Clothes

Why You Should Wear Maternity Clothes Instead of Plus Size Ordinary Clothes

During pregnancy, women tend to gain around 20-30 pounds as they progress from one trimester to another. This weight is generally accumulated around the waist, stomach, and hips, making women’s regular wardrobe uncomfortable. Breasts also become larger along with some other parts of the body due to a natural increase in blood supply and fat storage, which will be utilized during delivery and breastfeeding. All this weight gain may cause you to go for clothes that are several sizes bigger to accommodate your new shape. Some women buy plus size regular clothing instead of opting for maternity wear. However, this is not always the best choice for the following reasons.  


Ill-Fitting, Shapeless Clothes


Specially designed maternity clothes have details like extra layers around the belly, hips, and other regions that expand during pregnancy to ensure that you can wear these clothes through the different stages of your pregnancy. These complement the body shape and don’t make you look shapeless. Plus size clothes are designed for people with different body proportions, so the clothes tend to sag around the shoulders, legs, and other areas that do not change shape during pregnancy. The result will be ill-fitting clothes that do not complement your figure and can be uncomfortable.


Extra Support


Another benefit maternity wear has over bigger sizes of regular clothes is the extra support they offer. Plus size clothes may cover you up, but they won’t give your body the support it needs as you change shape. Maternity underwear, shorts, and other bottoms can help to distribute the weight of your growing belly, making it easier and more comfortable to move around.