When Should I Start Wearing Maternity Clothes?

When Should I Start Wearing Maternity Clothes?

Pregnancy can bring mixed emotions, and it brings many changes. You may be excited about the arrival of your new baby, but your body is going through some uncomfortable changes. Even getting dressed in the morning can become more challenging as your body changes shape and your old wardrobe doesn’t accommodate.

Every woman goes through different changes during pregnancy. However, we can address the major concern of when to start wearing maternity dresses. The following guide will shed light on when to switch to maternity clothes.

Hormonal Changes

Your breasts will start becoming larger and heavier during pregnancy due to increased estrogen and progesterone levels in your body. Maternity clothes for your chest are the first thing you need when you’re pregnant. Maternity tops, bras with several rows of hooks, and larger bras will help you accommodate the growing breasts comfortably. You can also choose loose clothes that don’t apply much pressure on your chest.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can also increase vaginal secretions. If you’re used to wearing tight pants, it’s time to switch to loose-fitting clothes. Tight pants can increase your chances of getting a yeast infection, and they can also put more pressure on your bump. Choose soft, comfortable maternity wears like flowing maxi dresses.

Uterus’s Growth

Your uterus starts growing during pregnancy. At 12 weeks, the uterus may reach the top of the pubic bone. It’ll move between the pubic bone and the belly button at 16 weeks, and at 20 weeks, it reaches the belly button. The abdomen begins to show some changes after 14 weeks. Regular dresses will become tight for most women around this time. However, for some women, the bump starts to show after 20 weeks. It’s recommended that you switch to maternity clothing after 14 weeks.

Weight Gain

Weight gain usually happens during pregnancy, and the fat distribution on your body varies from person to person. Some gain weight on the face and legs, while others put on weight all over. Depending on your weight gain, you can start wearing maternity clothes whenever your regular clothes start getting tight or uncomfortable.  

Women who frequently experience morning sickness may lose weight. If that happens to you, you can start wearing maternity wears during later stages of pregnancy.

You can continue to wear regular dresses as long as you feel comfortable. Pregnancy is a time when you get tired quickly, and stretching your muscles can become difficult. It’s necessary to wear a cloth that makes you feel at ease with your movements.  

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