What to Know Before Buying Maternity Masks

3 Things to Remember When Buying Maternity Masks


Besides social distancing and washing your hands regularly, masks are crucial in our fight against COVID-19. It can help reduce virus transmission and make social interaction safer. But there’s much confusion about proper masks. Should you buy one or make one at home? Which is the best mask? Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about maternity masks.

  1. What should you look for in a mask?

The CDC guideline states that a good mask must fit snugly and be comfortable. The mask must have multiple layers of fabric but should allow breathing without restriction. Face coverings with gaps around the edges do not fit right and are less effective at decreasing your risk of contracting an infection. And if you are looking for environment-friendly options, look for masks that can be washed and reused.

As for the fabric, a heavyweight cotton mask followed by a lighter cotton or silk layer is ideal. Make sure the thread count is at least 600 as it makes filtration efficient.

Single-layered masks made of lightweight material and those with low thread count are not effective.

Some masks come with an additional filter. For example, a HEPA filter can clear at least 99.7 particles that are 0.3 microns in size. One micron is around one twenty-thousandth of an inch.

  1. DIY or Buy Maternity Masks Online?

DIY masks are environment-friendly and can be cheaper. However, only make them if you know how to choose suitable fabric and ensure that the face covering is designed to fit snugly. Makeshift masks made using knit materials or those with low thread count don’t offer much protection. Rather than wasting time and energy finding the right fabric, you can always buy maternity masks for affordable prices on our website.

  1. Masks Are Not a Fashion Accessory

Since the WHO suggested wearing masks, various designer labels have turned their focus on making masks. Billie Eilish recently wore a Gucci mask to the Grammys. Designer masks from Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Burberry are all the rage, but not all of them are safe and practical to use. For example, Fendi masks are made using silk and can only be worn as an additional layer of protection over a cotton mask.

Before you spend hundreds of dollars on designer masks, make sure they are CDC approved and offer adequate protection.

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