What’s Your Pregnancy Body Type & How to Dress Them

How Does Your Body Change?


Pregnancy has a way of changing your body in ways you might have never imagined. However, those changes aren’t the same for all women. For some, they might remain small all over. For others, curves could blossom where you were small before, or you might find that you’re even curvier than before pregnancy.


Many women (but by no means all) will put on baby weight. Your arms will get larger, as will your thighs and hips. However, don’t expect that to be spread evenly over your body – certain areas will change more than others, and you’ll even find that those vary from trimester to trimester! Many things will play a role here, and it’s not all about pregnancy weight gain, either.


For instance, if you carry high (your baby bump is centered higher on your abdomen), you’ll need clothing that fits differently than if you carry low (your baby bump sits lower on your abdomen). There’s no reason that pregnancy has to mean shapeless muumuus or always wearing sweats. It does mean that you need to learn how to dress up in pregnancy.


Below, you’ll find a discussion and multiple examples of options for women who are pregnant and dressing up.


Body Type 1: If You’re Curvy


For many women, dressing up pregnant will mean dealing with more curves than usual or amplified curves if you were curvy before pregnancy. That baby weight we talked about above? It’s distributing itself all over your body and clothing that once was flattering now feels like a sausage casing. A great tip for curvy women dressing while pregnant is this: go with soft fabrics and long lines. They’ll flatter your figure and help you feel both comfortable and confident in yourself.


Here are a couple of examples for you!



This tie-dye maternity knee-length cardigan is the embodiment of what we were just talking about. It’s incredibly soft, and the long lines help blur your form, providing you with both comfort and confidence.



Another great option is this maternity and nursing polka dot short sleeve high-low dress. Notice how the long lines help accentuate the figure without screaming “maternity clothing”. The hemline adds visual interest while providing plenty of room for your baby bump, too.



Finally, consider something like this classic women’s floral over-the-shoulder ruched maternity dress. Its long, flowing lines accentuate your body without calling unnecessary attention to your baby bump. The fabric is also warm and soft, keeping you comfortable and protected.



Body Type 2: If You’re Carrying Low


If you’re carrying low, your baby bump sits just below your waistline and just above your hips. You’ll find plenty of options for women who are pregnant; dressing up can even be fun with some of these choices! If you’re struggling with how to dress when pregnant, you’ll be glad to know there are so many options to accentuate your shape and boost your confidence.



For women carrying low, finding bottoms that fit right is one of the single largest challenges you’ll face. Thankfully, there are options like these fold-over yoga pants. The tapered knee and flared legs give them a casual yet put-together look, and the stomach is amply sized without looking bulky.



Another option to help you dress up in pregnancy is this pair of women’s maternity pleated boho harem pants. They’re form-fitting and supportive around your baby bump and waist, accentuating your shape, while the legs are loose and flowing with tapered, elastic ankles.



You also have lots of options for tops! This women’s 3/4 ruffle sleeve maternity tunic is comfortable and bright while offering the right shape for women who carry low. The 3/4 sleeves add visual interest while boosting your confidence.


Body Type 3: If You’re Carrying High


For women who are carrying high, there are lots of choices to dress up in pregnancy. The biggest challenge you’ll face is separating your bust from your baby bump while finding outfits that will flatter your body at the same time. You can create that definition using any number of things, including belts, sashes, and the like. However, don’t neglect what’s possible with contrasting fabric colors and waists!



Want to look adorable during pregnancy? This women’s maternity babydoll dress is a great choice for women who carry high thanks to the high waistline. The wide range of colors is also a great thing for women looking for something that will add brightness to their wardrobe.



This maternity sleeveless color block floral dress is another great choice. While it’s long and flowing enough for the curvy woman, the high waistline helps provide the definition you need between bump and bust. You can also wear it sleeveless or pair it with a top.



Finally, we have this maternity side ruched dress. It’s one of the best choices for dressing up pregnant and is great for a day at the office or a night on the town. The side ruching ensures that the dress is flattering to your figure, while the lack of a defined waistline allows it to work well for women carrying high or low.


Body Type 4: If You’re Small All Over



If you were petite before, there’s a chance that pregnancy just means that your baby bump will be accentuated while the rest of you stays small. While that might seem like a good thing, particularly to women who are putting on baby weight, it can be challenging to find the right choices for dressing up pregnant. Thankfully, there are lots of options to help you flatter your figure and your baby bump.



Looking for a way to keep your casual style while pregnant? These maternity jeans are just the ticket. They’re supportive around the waist and stomach but skinny where it counts. Plus, who doesn’t need a new pair of black jeans as part of their wardrobe?



Jeans not your thing? No worries. Consider these women’s body-shaping maternity leggings. They’re form-fitting for smaller women, while the hips, stomach, and waist provide the support that you need. Pair them with a fun top for a great pregnancy outfit.



Finally, small women all over still want to feel sexy. If you’re pregnant, dressing up in this maternity sleeveless bodycon ruched dress with ruffles helps you do that and more. Form-fitting and flattering, it’s nevertheless a great choice for night or day wear. Pair it with strappy sandals, boots, or even flats.


Don’t Neglect the Accessories


We’ve covered tops, bottoms, and dresses in this guide on how to dress when pregnant, but we need to say a word or two about your accessories. Don’t neglect them – they can make or break your outfit. However, we also recommend that you choose your accessories based on comfort and support and not just aesthetics. What does that mean?


If you’re dressing up pregnant and carrying high, a belt can help put space between your bust and your baby bump. However, you may find that rigid materials like leather and even some synthetics can be uncomfortable. Stretchable fabrics and loose-fitting belts, or even scarves used in place of belts, can make a fashion statement while ensuring that you’re comfortable.


Another important consideration is your footwear. Yes, that strappy pair of sandals will look amazing with that new bodycon dress. However, are they supportive enough for what you have planned? Chances are good that you’re intimately familiar with just how quickly your feet and ankles can swell and become uncomfortable, so choose your footwear appropriately.


If you’ll be on your feet for just a few hours, feel free to go with whatever you want, but if you’re planning a day at the office or will otherwise be on your feet for a long time, make sure you have something supportive and that will accommodate you as your feet and ankles swell throughout the day.


Finally, consider other accessories – a broad-brimmed hat can be just the thing to set off that new dress. Or, a new pair of sunglasses can accentuate your face while tying into that brand new “little black dress”. Necklaces, bandanas, bracelets – there are so many accessories that can help you create just the right look to pair with your baby bump outfits.

Bring It All Together


Whether you’re small all over, carrying low or high, or you’re curvy, there are options to help when pregnant. Dressing up doesn’t have to be an exercise in frustration – it can be an exhilarating experience, thanks in large part to the unique fashion options available today. Rejoice! You’re no longer confined to peasant blouses or antiquated maternity dresses. A pregnant woman in a dress today can be bold, confident, even sexy. It just takes understanding your options and bringing it all together.