Tips for a Safe COVID-19 Maternity Photo Session

How to Have a Safe Maternity Photo Shoot During COVID-19


The current pandemic doesn’t have to stop you from planning your dream maternity photo shoot. All it takes is some careful planning and a conscientious photographer. Here are a few tips to help you plan a safe yet memorable photo shoot.

Choose the Right Location

Outdoor photo shoots are generally considered safer provided everyone follows COVID protocols, including wearing masks and follows social distancing. While there’s no harm in planning an indoor photo shoot, make sure the place is well ventilated. Check with the photographer for location ideas that match the theme or mood you may have envisioned. You will also have to decide on the right time for the photo shoot. Ideally, early morning or evenings are the best time and likely to be least crowded.

Clean and Sanitize the Equipment

Check with the photographer to see if he or she has sanitized all necessary equipment, including cameras, tripods, and lenses. Will the photographer wear a mask and gloves? Everyone handling camera equipment should wear gloves and masks at all times during the photo shoot. Avoid shared spaces and frequently touched objects. Cleaning and sanitization, combined with masks and glove-wearing, can help mitigate COVID-19 transmission on the set.   

Shop Maternity Photo Shoot Dresses Online

Rather than renting a photo shoot dress, buying a new maternity photo shoot dress makes sense. It is clean as it is new. If you’re looking for some great maternity clothes at great prices, visit us! Order your dress from the comfort of your home and save up to 20% on each item. If you are on a tight budget and looking to rent one, check with the retailer to see if they dry clean and steam the garments at high temperatures.

Don’t Forget to Relax and Enjoy

COVID-19 is stressful, and so is pregnancy. But your maternity photo shoot should not be overwhelming. Regardless of the pandemic, make sure you capture the magic of your growing belly and make art with the love you share. The result will be a gallery full of life, love, and connection.