Things Dads Can Do to Keep Their Pregnant Wife Happy

How to Take Care of Your Pregnant Wife


Your pregnant wife spends nine months growing your baby insider of her as you watch and wait from the outside. Even though your biological contribution is over, you still have a part to play in the pregnancy process. Pregnancy is a shared responsibility between a husband and wife. You should be actively taking good care of your wife and the baby inside her. If you’re an expecting dad, here are some healthy ways to take care of your pregnant wife.

Cook with Her

During pregnancy, you can get more involved in the kitchen and lighten her workload. You can surprise her with yummy and nutritious meals. You also can take over chores like dishes that put a strain on her body. If you aren’t often home, consider hiring someone to help her out. She will appreciate the gesture, and it will also give her more time to rest and prepare for the baby.

Help Her Get Some Sleep

As your baby gets grows, it’s harder for your pregnant wife to carry the weight. This takes a toll on her body and can tire her out. You can help her relax with massages to encourage better sleep. Help make your wife comfortable by having plenty of pillows to prop her up, giving her milk or herbal tea, and playing or singing soft music. This can help her feel tranquil and loved at the same time.

Help Her through the Nausea

Nausea is one of the horrible side effects of pregnancy. It strikes about 75 percent of all pregnant women and can include symptoms such as excessive sleepiness, headaches, etc. Your wife may also feel the symptoms of morning sickness about a month after conception, and it will last until fourteen weeks of pregnancy. As a husband, you need to help your wife with different remedies and see which methods work the best for her nausea. Certain foods and beverages can help to alleviate these issues.

Buy Comfortable Maternity Clothing

When your wife begins noticing her growing bump, embrace the moment with her. Ask her to show it off by wearing clothes that tailored to fit a baby bump. You can buy maternity dresses online from a maternity clothing store as a perfect surprise. There are plenty of options, including plus size maternity clothes, maxi dresses and skirts, floral tops, nursing dresses, and more. She will appreciate the thoughtful gesture, and she will be more comfortable.

Talk to the Baby Bump

From inside the womb, your baby can hear voices. Caress her belly as a way to bond with your unborn baby. As unborn babies can remember and recognize noises, dads-to-be can start building relationships with the baby before he or she is even born. Doing this can help you enjoy the feeling of those tiny kicks too.