The 7 Amazing Secrets to Maternity Style

The 7 Amazing Secrets to Maternity Style

When it comes to bringing a new bundle of joy into this world – congratulations! – one of the things that is hardest to handle is how your entire wardrobe needs to be revamped. Clothes that once fit perfectly on you and offer the most flattering of enhancements to your shape, will suddenly be tight and uncomfortable, or baggy and shapeless.


It’s like the worst kind of magic that is conspiring to have you ban entirely new wardrobe. But it doesn’t have to be all miserable. If you’re looking into maternity styling and maternity clothes hacks, then look no further.


Read on to learn about the 7 amazing secrets to maternity style.


1.    Start With Your Closet

You might find this surprising, but there are many outfits in your closet that will work well for maternity-style clothing, too! Sure, your tight t-shirts and high-rise shorts are likely out of commission for a little bit, but there are others you might not have considered to be contenders.


When you first start to show and your normal clothing has to be set aside, go through your entire wardrobe for all the potential pieces that can work with your new shape (and continue to do so as it grows)! Long, stretchy tunics, loose tees, and open cardigans are great options that will work with you as the new life grows inside you. Additionally, empire-waist dresses and tent dresses will allow you to stay up to date on fashion trends without having to change up your whole style.


2.    You’re Pregnant, Not Sexually Impotent

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy! There’s no need to keep yourself from feeling enticing and desirable to your partner, even if you’re pregnant. There’s no need to cover yourself up as if you’re on the way to the convent – show off your cleavage and your new curves with different necklines and shirt cuts. Also, maternity-style minidresses are another great way to show off your shape to your partner (and the world) without squeezing your baby or having to force yourself into a dress that just won’t fit anymore.


And, if you want to be sexy, but in a more casual sense, then it’s time for you to become friends with your belt collection. Belts are an absolute godsend when you’re looking into maternity styling – this is because they can easily turn shapeless dresses and tops into something stylish and fun just by using a belt. Pair your more casual outfit with a sun hat, too!


Just make sure not to loop the belt too tightly.


3.    Don’t Go Into Debt

If you’re one of the many women out there who either (a) don’t have clothes in their wardrobe that will work for you while you're pregnant or (b) you want to have something new in your wardrobe while you’re growing a baby, but you don’t want to spend all your money, that’s all right.


Spend time going through sales. Just because you’re working on maternity styling doesn’t mean that you’re required to buy everything at full price! Indeed, you’ll already be spending loads of money on baby clothes, furniture, and diapers, so there’s no need to waste additional money on a whole new wardrobe.


Sales are your friend. Additionally, you can even start the search when you just find out you’re pregnant or when you and your partner begin trying. At that point, you can look into new maternity styles, and then wait for them to go on sale when you finally are at the point when you need them.


4.    Bottoms Need Not Beat You

With your entire body shape throwing curveballs at you left, right, and center, it can be hard to know which of your bottoms might grow with you and which you’ll have to avoid for the next nine months.


If you’re pregnant, it’s in your best interest to buy at least one pair of maternity jeans/bottoms. So long as you choose a brand that is respectable and known for its comfort and durability, you can wear your lone bottoms every day of your pregnancy journey.


You may think that that’s lazy, but in truth, you can still manage to accessorize and provide versatility in your wardrobe with your tops and jewelry.


5.    Let’s Be Real… Dresses Will Be Your Best Friends

You may want to show you can do it all, from wearing bottoms and tops, but let’s be honest… there are going to be days where you’ll barely want to get out of bed, let alone dress to the nines. This is where dresses come in. Think of how easy they are to put on – slip them over your head and voila! You’re dressed!


Many dresses (especially maxi dresses) are very forgiving in sizing, so you could even buy one single dress in different colors and call your maternity styling journey done.


Just make sure that you check the fit of the dress and make sure it will be able to accommodate your growth. This is not the time to get a skintight dress, unfortunately.


6.    Catching Those Z’s

As if it wasn’t enough that your body was throwing you curveballs like it was going for a home run, but you might be one of those unfortunate women who struggle to regulate your temperature when you’re cooking a baby in your oven.


Look into maternity-specific sleepwear that might help you be more comfortable when your baby is kicking you awake in the middle of the night. Just because you’re sleepy doesn’t mean you have to look anything less than amazing in your maternity sleepwear!


7.    Post-Pregnancy Clothing

Of course, you also have to think about the time after the baby is born. Although you will – hopefully – be soon able to fit back into your previous clothes, you may find that doing so immediately isn’t the most prudent.


That’s because your baby angel is going to need to be fed every two hours or so. This is where nursing clothing comes into play. These dresses – or shirts, if you find specific nursing t-shirts – are meant to give you easy access to your breasts without having to take your entire outfit off. When you’re sleep-deprived at 4 am and your baby is screaming, being able to feed your baby as quickly as possible and get them back to sleep is worth its weight in gold.



When it comes to maternity styling, figuring out what clothes will work for your new body might seem like a beast that can’t be tamed. Not to mention that you’ll also need to figure out ways to keep you, your baby, and your loved ones safe – but you might want to do so in a way that matches your outfits.


Whatever you desire for maternity styling and post-maternity styling, you can still dress the way you want with minor modifications. Get creative and see what sorts of outfits you come up with.