How to Plan the Perfect Maternity Shoot

From choosing maternity dresses to picking the right photographer, we list a few things to remember when planning a maternity photo shoot.

4 Tips to Planning the Perfect Maternity Photo Shoot

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of life; therefore, it is only natural for moms-to-be to want to capture the memories associated with their pregnancy. But planning a maternity photo shoot isn’t easy. From choosing the right time and location for the shoot to picking the right maternity photo dresses, there are plenty of things you must consider and plan. Here are a few tips to help you:

  1. Picking a Photographer:

A friend with a creative blend of knowledge and whose presence you are comfortable in is undoubtedly the best bet. But if the photographer is someone new, make sure to meet with the photographer and have a phone call to make sure your personalities will mesh well. Ask for previous photo shoot samples to understand their style of work. Make sure these samples match what you have in mind and are a style you will be happy with and comfortable posing for.

  1. The Timing:

Maternity photographers generally suggest planning photo shoots around the middle of the seventh month of pregnancy. This is when your energy levels are at their peak, with most moms radiating a healthy glow. The initial nausea and discomfort may have subsided too. If you shoot any later, you could appear tired and weary. On the other hand, if you shoot too soon, you’ll miss showing off the clearly defined baby bump.

  1. The Dress:

Pick comfortable maternity clothes that make you look beautiful. If you love a long, flowing gown, maxi maternity dresses are a great choice. Or, if you want to keep things casual, pair maternity tops with a pair of jeans.  Avoid wearing distracting patterns.

  1. The Photo:

Pregnancy doesn’t need to be a lonely journey. Besides, your partner and older children, and your parents could join you in the shoot. Your photographer can suggest poses that you can practice in advance. Some of the common poses include caressing the bump or even holding hands with your partner.

Share with us how you prepared for your maternity shoot and what your experience was like while shooting!