How To Pick The Perfect Dress For A Gender Reveal

Use These Tips To Find The Perfect Dress For Your Gender Reveal

At a gender reveal party, the gender of the baby who’s on the way is revealed to family and friends. There are many kinds of gender reveals. Most of the time, the party is thrown by the parents-to-be, and it’s thrown for their family and friends so they can announce the arriving baby's gender. Sometimes, the guests know the gender ahead of time, but the parents always have no idea. Most often, however, guests and the parents don’t know the baby’s gender in advance. A gender reveal is typically held before a baby shower, and it gives the friends and family of the expecting parents a chance to plan their gifts for the baby shower.

However, if you’re the expecting mother, you have the added pressure of looking your absolute best at the party. Here are a few styling tips you can use to pick the perfect gender reveal dress.

Choose a Neutral Color

Assuming that you already know the gender of the baby, you may be tempted to pick a color that hints at the gender. However, you must overcome such a temptation and opt for a neutral color. Only then can you maintain the element of surprise. Alternatively, you could plan with your spouse, and one of you could wear a color representing a girl, while the other could wear a color that’s symbolic of a boy. You could also wear a multicolored dress to enhance the surprise element.

Consider Comfort

It’s obvious that you should choose a maternity dress, as you’ll have to accommodate your baby bump. Plus, comfort is critical at these parties. Do not go for a dress that’s too tight! Avoid wearing skinny jeans or leggings too. The most stylish yet comfortable choices are maternity dresses, like midi dresses and wrap dresses. Choose materials that are soft and supple, like cotton or linen. Or, choose a flowy dress to give you the goddess vibe.

Create a Breezy Look

Wear something casual like a cocktail dress. Or, a dress that has an asymmetric hemline can give you a breezy look. Accessorize to accentuate your baby bump. Maybe include a light, lacy sash. Alternatively, you can go for a dress that has slits to add to the breezy effect. You can try out ruffled or tiered dresses, as these will accommodate your bump beautifully.

A strap or V-neck dress would highlight the beauty of your changing body. If you do not want to wear a maxi dress, you could opt for a calf-length dress. Some of these have no sleeves, and others have trendy sleeves like bell, puff, tulip, and butterfly sleeves that’ll take the breezy look to the next level.

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