How To Dress During The Second Trimester Of Pregnancy

6 Stylish Fashion Tips You Can Use To Flaunt Your Bump During The Second Trimester

The second trimester is one of the best periods of pregnancy. The secret is out to friends and family, the baby is growing, morning sickness is hopefully gone by now, the hormones have kicked in and they’re giving you a pregnancy glow, and your squishy bump is starting to show.

"I've got nothing to wear" takes on a whole new meaning during this trimester. Dressing a growing baby bump is no joke! Worry not; we've got your back (and your bump). Check out these tips so you can dress stylishly and comfortably during your second trimester.

#1: Invest In Stylish Maternity Dresses

It's during the second trimester that your baby bump starts peeking out. It was barely showing in the first three months, but now it’s beautifully blooming, so it’s time to invest in stylish maternity dresses that’ll make you look and feel your best. Look for maternity clothes made of soft, stretchy fabrics to accommodate your growing bump. Fitted body-con dresses and flared maxis will accentuate your bump and provide you with plenty of room to grow.

#2: It’s Time To Add Support

If you haven't already added maternity bras to your wardrobe, now is the time to go shopping for some. Look for maternity bras that offer perfect support; they should make you feel comfortable and confident. Sports-style maternity bras are perfect for lounging at home, as you’ll feel comfortable when you’re not feeling strapped in.

#3: Wrap It

A wrap-style maternity dress is the secret ally of pregnant mommas in the second trimester. They're soft, squishy, comfortable, versatile, and super stylish. A good wrap will let you adjust the fit to accommodate your growing bump. You can wear it for casual days at home, brunches, and work. It's so versatile that you'll practically live in your favorite wrap dress all through this trimester.

#4: Shop For A New Pair Of Trousers

With a fast-growing bump, your old pants will eventually start to not fit. Look for comfy over-the-bump leggings, trousers, or jeggings. Match these pants with your favorite tees and tops. You’ll be ready to run errands or report for work.

#5: Add Some Length

As your bump grows, your regular tees and tops will begin to look like crop shirts. Purchasing a couple long-length tops will give you the flexibility you need; pair these with your new trousers and leggings. You can also add a ruched top to highlight your waist and flaunt your cute baby bump.

#6: Glam Up With The Right Accessories

Wearing accessories is an excellent way to feel confident and comfortable when your body goes through rapid changes. Continue using your regular accessories—handbags, jewelry, scarves, and sunglasses—to complete your maternity outfits. If the idea of heavy jewelry against your skin feels uncomfortable, invest in a few lightweight earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Flaunt Your Inner Diva

Pregnancy will be one of the most memorable times of your life, and during this time you should celebrate and flaunt your curves. Take this opportunity to revamp your maternity wardrobe and unleash your inner fashion diva!