How Did Baby Showers Evolve Over The Years

The Evolution of the Traditional Baby Shower


Baby showers help relieve stress and equip a mom-to-be with the necessary things she’ll need when the baby finally arrives. A baby shower is generally held four to six weeks prior to the due date, and this is so there’s plenty of time afterward to buy remaining essentials. Moreover, expecting mums should also leave enough time so premature labor before the party is avoided.


In traditional Jewish families, a welcome baby shower is thrown after the baby is born. This is often combined with a bris, christening, or naming ceremony. A baby shower is a close-knit event, one that usually includes the people closest to the soon-to-be parents. However, if you wish to invite more people to make it a big, fun occasion, you can feel free to do so!


The Evolution of Baby Showers in the Modern World


Throughout the years, the traditional baby shower has evolved to include elements of modernity. For instance, nowadays it’s common to hold multiple showers, all of which are hosted by different individuals who are close to the mom-to-be. Baby showers are also held for second and subsequent babies, albeit at a smaller scale.


Soon-To-Be Mums Are Increasingly Ditching the Traditional Shower Setups


Yes, more and more expecting moms are preferring events that give them some time to be close to their girlfriends. Women wear trendy baby shower dresses and hold fancy mom-to-be soirées. You might even hear of baby bump parties, which are a contemporary twist on conventional shower events. Of course there’s also the mani-pedi party, which is held in a salon, or the all-women belly-dancing session. Looking for something to wear? Try baby shower dresses, cute tank tops, beach wraps, or comfy pareos if you want to display your moves in style!


Dull Baby Showers Are Being Replaced With Fun Parties


If you think baby showers are dull, you’ll be happy to know that party planners are coming up with new, creative ideas to make these events fun again. Guests can take joy in creating some handmade keepsakes, all of which can be given to the expecting mom. Or, everyone can write well-wishing messages on pieces of fabric and stitch them into a bright, colorful quilt.


Of course, including updated games is another clever move that’ll enhance the party and make it more fun. Modern events also include serving fancy cocktails and/or mocktails during the baby shower!