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What to Wear to A Baby Shower? 


Whether you have recently been invited as a guest to a friend or relative’s baby shower or you’re attending your own, you likely have questions about when baby showers are typically held, common baby shower venues, and what to wear to the event.


When choosing outfits to wear to a baby shower, there are several things you should consider during the process. If you’re the honoree, you want to ensure that you’re comfortable throughout the event. If you’re a guest, you want to dress in a way that’s stylish but also respectful to the mother-to-be as well as the other guests.


Let us cover baby shower attire below, including what to wear and what not to wear. In addition, we will take a look at several helpful examples that fit each season and formality level.

When Do You Have A Baby Shower?

Individuals may choose to schedule a baby shower based on cultural preferences, the ability for guests to attend, venue availability, personal choice, and a variety of other factors.


In most cases, baby showers are thrown during the third trimester of pregnancy, anywhere between 24 to 32 weeks.


With this in mind, asking yourself “when do you have a baby shower,” will produce different answers depending on the mother-to-be’s schedule.


Baby showers can be held during any season, any time of the week, and any time of the day. Often, to accommodate guests’ schedules, showers are held in the late afternoon or early evening on a chosen date. Usually, they’re scheduled at the end of the workweek.

What To Wear To A Baby Shower

A baby shower is as unique as the mother-to-be who is hosting the event, so while there are a few good general rules regarding what to wear, it’s important to keep in mind the details surrounding the shower.


One of the most important things to keep in mind is whether you’re attending a baby shower that’s being thrown in your honor, or whether you’re attending as a guest.

What To Wear To YOUR Baby Shower

If you’re the mother-to-be and you’re attending your own baby shower, you’re likely going to be pretty well informed about what type of venue you’re attending and what sort of attire is appropriate.


When you know what sort of attire to wear as a baby shower outfit, it will be much easier to choose from several options within that subtype.


Because the baby shower is being thrown for you, it’s probably acceptable for you to choose something that’s an exact fit to your liking.


You want to look good, but you also want to be comfortable, so choosing baby shower maternity outfits should be based on both the style you’re going for and the comfort level of the outfit you plan to wear for several hours.

What To Wear To A Baby Shower As A Guest

If you’re attending as a guest, consider the venue and the hosting family’s style when asking yourself about what to wear to a baby shower.


If the shower is being held at a close friend’s house, you can likely choose attire that’s casual but nice. However, if you’re attending a shower at a more upper-class venue, you might want to opt for more business casual or semi-formal attire.


When in doubt, or if you’re not particularly close with the host, it’s good to double-check with the individuals throwing the shower so that you can at least gather ideas about the style of clothing that would be appropriate for the event.


Generally speaking, guests attending a baby shower should wear an outfit that fits the current season, something simple and composed of soft colors. The goal is to look presentable without drawing unnecessary attention to yourself.

What NOT To Wear To A Baby Shower

While there are many different choices one can make when it comes to choosing what to wear to a baby shower, but there are a few items to steer clear of. These clothing items are considered to be inappropriate for baby shower outfit ideas unless otherwise specified.


  • Extremely bright colors or garish, conflicting patterns
  • Very short or very low-cut outfits
  • Clothing that has holes or tears in it
  • T-shirts with offensive material written on them
  • Clothing that is especially form-fitting or tight


Think about attending a baby shower the same way you would think about attending a wedding. Though your attire may not need to be formal, you want to wear something that does not single you out or draw guests’ eyes to you instead of the mother-to-be.


This includes wearing clothing that is clearly not seasonally appropriate, for example, a thick coat at a summer gathering or shorts and sandals at a winter gathering.

Seasonal Baby Showers

When asking yourself when do you have a baby shower, the time of year may be a factor. If you’re pregnant and planning to have a baby shower in the near future, the standard 24-32 week period may fall between seasons. Decide whether you’re going to have your event toward the end of one season or the beginning of another.


The season plays an important role in considering what to wear to a baby shower. Whether the event is being held indoors or outdoors, dressing in seasonally appropriate attire is a smart choice.


If you’re the mother-to-be, you’ll be pleased to know that maternity fashion has come a long way in the past couple of decades. There is now a wide variety of applicable maternity outfits to wear to a baby shower.

Spring Baby Shower Outfits

If you’re having a springtime baby shower, you can choose from several clothing options depending on how warm the weather has become. Ideally, a short dress, long dress, or a shirt and pants combination would fit the season appropriately.


  1. Maternity Fit & Flare Sleeveless Dress

    Sleeveless options are a good idea when you’re considering what to wear to a baby shower during particularly warm spring weather.
  2. Maternity & Nursing Faux Wrap Floral Dress with Adjustable Belt

    If you’re attending a spring event, something floral that embraces spring colors is a great choice for dresses to wear to a baby shower.
  3. Women’s Cold Shoulder Tunic with Keyhole Neck Tie

    If you’re partial to pants, a pair of leggings and a tunic is a great baby shower outfit idea.
  4. Women’s Cuff Sleeved Shirt with Pocket

    A floral shirt and a nice pair of pants or jeans make a casual and cute maternity outfit for baby showers.

Outfits for A Summer Baby Shower

Comfort is key when it comes to deciding what to wear to a baby shower in the summer. The warmer months can make longer, thicker clothing a bit unpleasant to wear, so it’s a good idea to choose from an array of short options when choosing a dress for a baby shower.


  1. Maternity Side Ruched Floral Dress

    Floral patterns in soft colors are a good choice when you’re considering what to wear to a baby shower during the summer.
  2. Maternity Tunic Dress with Pockets

    When choosing maternity clothes for a baby shower, shorter attire is usually appropriate for the warmer months.
  3. Maternity Floral V-Neck Maxi Dress with Adjustable Strap

    Longer, flowing options are ideal when choosing baby shower dresses for a mom-to-be’s summer shower.
  4. Maternity Nursing Polkadot Short Sleeve High-Low Dress

    Brighter colors are also good choices for summertime baby showers.

Baby Shower Outfits for Fall

Depending on when you choose to have your baby shower, early fall or late fall, you can choose clothing that is closer to the warmer or colder weather part of the season.


For early fall, you can opt for a mid-length or long dress, shirt and pants combination, or a summer outfit with leggings underneath.


Any one of these fall baby shower outfits for mom would likely be a great choice for your fall-season baby shower.


  1. Women’s ¾ Sleeve Faux Wrap Maternity Dress

    A ¾ sleeve outfit is a smart choice for a fall baby shower, being that the weather may still be relatively warm, yet it prepares the wearer for a sudden breeze.
  2. Maternity Short Sleeve Ruched Bodycon Dress with Side Slit

    A bodycon dress with a light jacket or sweatshirt is a good choice for a fall baby shower outfit for mom-to-be.
  3. Maternity and Nursing Cold Shoulder Knee Length Cardigan

    Cardigans are convenient when it comes to deciding what to wear to a baby shower, being that they can be removed if the weather gets too warm.
  4. Women’s Wrap Criss Cross Nursing Tunic

    Long-sleeved tunics are fashionable and will provide warmth during a chilly fall baby shower.

Baby Shower Outfits for Winter

Winter baby shower outfits should be more on the cozy side, even if the event is taking place indoors. You want to be warm and comfortable throughout your baby shower, but also give yourself the option of loose clothing in case you become a little too warm.


Ideally, what to wear to a baby shower during the winter includes some sort of leg covering, either pants or thick leggings. On top of that, a cardigan or sweater dress would be ideal. You might also choose to wear a light jacket over your outfit choice, something easy to put on and take off in preparation for temperature changes.


  1. Women’s Maternity Hacci Tunic with Buttons

    Long-sleeved tunics are both warm and stylish when paired with a thick pair of leggings.
  2. Women’s Maternity Button Sleeve Turtle Neck Sweater

A simple sweater and jeans or pants is a great option for a casual baby shower.

  1. Maternity Tunic 5 Button Dress

    A long-sleeved tunic and leggings are great options for early, late, or mild winter weather.



Planning what to wear to a baby shower or asking yourself, “when do you have a baby shower,” takes a lot of thought and consideration but does not have to be difficult. Plan accordingly for the season and the venue where the event will take place. When in doubt, ask for advice from the host, your friends, or family members. There is a massive selection of stylish maternity wear available today, many of which would be perfect for baby shower events both casual and formal.