4 Things You Must Know About the First Trimester

How Does the First Trimester Feel?


Congratulations if you’ve just found you’re pregnant! You may have jumped with joy or overwhelmed and anxious. Either way, once the initial feelings are passed, you likely have plenty of questions to understand the changes you and the baby will undergo. Read on if you’d like to know what to expect during the first trimester.


  1. What Are the Changes You’re Likely to Experience?


Every pregnancy is different. While some women breeze through the first few weeks, others feel miserable. But generally, your breasts will feel sore and heavy because the milk ducts are preparing to hold milk while breastfeeding. You may also need a bigger bra.


Some women complain of constipation because of the high levels of progesterone produced in the body. Make sure you eat a diet rich in iron and fiber, along with drinking adequate amounts of water.


A white discharge is also common during the first trimester. Use a panty liner if it’s uncomfortable. However, contact the doctor if the discharge is smelly or looks off-color. Some women experience slight spotting. While this is common, you should contact a doctor immediately if the bleeding is severe or followed by sharp pain and cramping.


  1. What Foods Should You Avoid?


Food cravings are more common during the first trimester. As long as the cravings are healthy, it’s okay to indulge in them. Stay away from cigarettes and alcohol to prevent harm to the baby and yourself. The doctor will likely recommend folic acid and zinc supplements because it could be difficult to source them through food alone.


You may be advised to avoid unripe and semi-ripe papaya as they are rich in latex and papain. These compounds can promote uterine contraction and trigger early labor. Pineapple is also widely believed to cause irregular bleeding. Similarly, a bowl of hot and spicy curry could exacerbate acid reflux as progesterone slows digestion.


  1. What Are the Must-Haves During the First Trimester?


Prenatal vitamins and prenatal DHA are recommended during the first trimester to ensure you get all the required nutrients. You may have to stock up on saltines and ginger ale to manage nausea and morning sickness during the first few weeks. As for maternity clothes, you can usually wait until the second trimester.


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