4 Things You Didn’t Know About Buying Maternity Dresses

When to Shop for Maternity Dresses

 Pregnancy can be an exciting and overwhelming journey. You may have a million questions and concerns. What should you eat when pregnant? How much weight gain is typical? When and where should you shop for maternity clothes?


If you are wondering what to do about a maternity wardrobe, read on.


Not Everyone Needs to Buy Maternity Clothes


Pregnancy is different for every woman. Even the same woman may experience different things if she gets pregnant more than once. While moms-to-be expect their bodies to change, some are surprised that their belly doesn’t change much, especially initially.  


For the first trimester, you can usually use most of your existing clothes. As the second trimester starts, consider wearing more loose-fitting garments. You may be able to wear longer-fitting shirts, loose tops, flowy dresses comfortably.


Most Women Need Maternity Dresses During Second Trimester


Since women usually gain weight around the second trimester, it is the best time to shop for maternity clothing. However, some people may need to shop for maternity clothing a little earlier, and others can hold off longer.  


Generally, there are a few clues to look for when shopping for maternity clothing. For example, if you’re feeling bloated all day or unbuttoning your pants’ top button is more comfortable, it’s probably time to start shopping.


What Size to Buy


When you go shopping, look for comfortable clothes. Since not everyone’s body grows at the same rate, you cannot predict what size maternity clothes you need. For example, if you’re a size six pre-pregnancy, you could stay at a maternity six or go up to an eight.


Bras sizes can also vary. Some women go up several cup sizes while others don’t change much. We suggest you buy what fits rather than fall into the size trap.


It’s Not Only About the Clothes


You also may need to get new shoes. As your pregnancy progresses, the feet may begin to swell, making it difficult to fit into your regular shoes. Stay away from high heels as they can cause pressure on the feet. Also, your center of gravity changes when you’re pregnant, and you may be more prone to falls.  


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