3 Ways To Look Stunning At Your Baby Shower

3 Simple Ways To Look Stunning At Your Baby Shower

Pregnancy can be a potpourri of mixed emotions. Sometimes you are ecstatic; at other times, worried or blue. Yet, throughout the 40 weeks of pregnancy, there's one event which makes every mom-to-be excited, and that's the baby shower.

It’s likely you won’t be worried about organizing it or the gifts your friends and family will shower you with, but you probably will be worried about what you’re going to wear and how you’re going to look. Here’s what you can do to look stylish and classy.

  1. What to Wear

Around the time that you have your baby shower, you’re sure to have a big baby bump. So, it’s essential to wear something that’s going to accommodate your prominent belly. Wearing a maternity maxi dress that’s made of a flowy material will make you feel like a princess. You can pick a floral-patterned dress to create a summery and breezy look, or go for a wrap dress that’s even more comfortable.

You could also pick a cocktail dress that has some flare, as you’ll look swanky yet casual. These dresses will accentuate your baby bump and they’ll give you a relaxed look.

Pick a pleasant but unique color. For instance, shades of purple, dawn, and coral will make your look all the more alluring and perfect for the camera.

  1. How to Accessorize

To take the classy casual look forward, wear delicate silver jewelry. You can opt for a thin chain and pendant, which you can accessorize with a feathery bohemian earring. Wear an antique earring that’s made of oxidized silver. Include gemstones if you want a stronger appeal.

Pick a color that complements your dress. You can wear a flower corsage to add to the princess vibes. Alternatively, you can wear a floral tiara that’s made of real flowers like orchids or gardenias to create a Greek-goddess look.

  1. Hairstyle

Make those locks look as natural as possible. The best hairstyle for your baby shower is to get a messy hairdo. Leave your hair free with some soft curls or tousled waves. If you have a flowy maxi-type maternity dress on, wear a half-up hairstyle. This hairdo will look best with a floral tiara. If you’re skipping the tiara, you can use a silver hair comb, which will give you a free-spirited look.

For cocktail-type baby shower dresses, you can try out a messy bun or a messy braid, and accessorize with a couple of real flowers.

Personalize Your Style

Do not go for a time-tested style and do not play it safe. Add some edge by personalizing your look. Go for unique pieces. However, while choosing your outfit, always keep comfort in mind.