3 Things to Look for When Buying Maternity Dresses

Everything You Wanted to Know About Maternity Dresses

 A few decades ago, women didn’t have many options when shopping for maternity dresses and had to make do with unflattering tent-like dresses. Thankfully, things have changed for the modern mother. Retail brands are investing time and money to reinvent maternity fashion. Some designers exclusively focus on maternity clothing.


If you’re shopping on a budget, it makes no sense to spend a few hundred dollars on clothes you will not wear for more than a year! If you are looking for stylish maternity dresses without breaking the bank, read on.


Choose the Right Time to Shop


Most women need maternity clothes around the beginning of the second trimester. But everybody is different. Here are a few clues that indicate you are ready for maternity shopping.


  • You constantly have the urge to unbutton the top button of your pants.
  • You feel bloated all day.
  • Buttoning shirts down is difficult.
  • The bump is beginning to show slightly.


How Much Should You Spend?


How much you should spend depends on the season and what you’re planning to buy. Maternity staples like jeans, leggings, maternity maxi dresses, and maternity tops are inexpensive. You can mix and match them to create unique styles. At Mother Bee Maternity, we sell a range of affordable maternity clothing that you can wear for work or casual evenings.


If you’re looking for the occasional party wear, there are plenty of options as well. You can choose from a maternity photoshoot dress or formal maternity dresses for a wedding or baby shower. It’s also worth looking at your current wardrobe before you shop. You may find you can still wear some pieces and buy a few things to mix and match with what you currently own.


What to Look for When Buying Maternity Clothes


As you shop around for maternity dresses, look for clothes that are likely to last beyond pregnancy. The clothes should stretch because you want the clothes to grow with your body. Also, make sure they don’t become sheer as they stretch. A dress or shirt with ruching also allows clothes to grow with you. Similarly, make sure the clothes can be used while nursing.


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