3 Reasons To Wear Comfortable Maternity Clothing

Why Is It Important to Be Comfortable During Pregnancy?

Comfort is an essential element during pregnancy. It impacts your health and emotional wellbeing. At Mother Bee Maternity, we design trendy maternity dresses without compromising comfort. You can shop for affordable clothes that grow with you and can be used while nursing. There are so many reasons to avoid uncomfortable clothes during pregnancy; we’ve listed some for you.

  1. Pregnancy Hormones

Your body is going through many changes during pregnancy. Hormonal changes disrupt sleep patterns, leaving you exhausted and overwhelmed. You may experience hot flashes and feel sweaty and tired. Unlike regular clothes, maternity clothing is designed to accommodate your growing body, especially around the waist. Hormonal changes can cause skin allergies and rashes in some women, and soft fabrics can help. Remember to choose breathable, high-quality materials when picking maternity dresses or tops to avoid irritation.

  1. Tight Clothes Can Cause Heartburn

Tight-fitting clothes may not affect the baby, but they’re uncomfortable for the mom-to-be. Pregnant women experience increased vaginal secretions, and tight undergarments could leave you prone to yeast infections. During pregnancy, the breasts not only grow but become sensitive as well. Tight-fitting bras could clog the milk-ducts and cause pain. Acid reflux is a common problem during pregnancy as progesterone, a pregnancy hormone, slows down digestion and causes food to sit in the stomach longer. Plus, the growing uterus puts pressure on the stomach, forcing the stomach contents back to the chest. Tight clothes aggravate this problem, potentially leaving you with nasty heartburn.

  1. Problems with Heels

High heels may be sexy, but during pregnancy, they can cause problems. This is especially true during the second and third trimester.  The extra weight you’ve gained could put pressure on your back. During pregnancy, the center of gravity shifts in the body, leaving you at risk of injury. In general, women have a different gait while pregnant, and wearing high heels could cause muscle strain and joint instability.

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