3 Maternity Clothing Myths We’re Happy to Bust

Maternity Clothing Myths We’re Happy to Bust

Gassy intestines and morning sicknesses aren’t the only things women hate about being pregnant. Maternity clothing is one big maze that’s difficult to escape. It is exhausting and expensive to keep buying clothes because the old ones don’t fit anymore. More often than not, it is a tough choice between clothes that fit well, clothes that are affordable, and clothes that look good—it’s so hard to find clothes that have all three! At Mother Bee, we started with a simple goal: we want to help mothers-to-be find clothes that are stylish, affordable, versatile, and well fitting. Here’s why we stand apart from the rest:

  • Who Said Maternity Clothing Has Been Boring:

The problem with most maternity clothes is that they’re often shapeless, un-sexy, and intended to draw attention away from the belly. Either that or the garment looks exactly like the pillowcases in your grandma’s house. Mother Bee’s range of stylish maternity clothing is anything but unflattering. We think it’s alright to look sexy during pregnancy—you don’t have to hide behind loose clothes to hide your belly. Maternity clothing should be appealing, regardless of whether you are pregnant or not!

  • Who Said Maternity Clothing Has to Be Expensive:

While most designers seem to have disdain for maternity fashion, there are a few who have managed to come up with stylish collections. The problem is these clothes are not only expensive but they can only be worn for a very short amount of time. Clothes that were perfect in the second trimester don’t fit in the last. Additionally, since a lot of these clothes are designed only to be worn during pregnancy, they’re banished to the dark corners of the wardrobe after delivery. That is why we have clothes that are designed to accommodate your growing belly. You can put together a stylish maternity wardrobe for a modest budget and still use them after giving birth.

  • Who Said Maternity Clothing Has to Be Uncomfortable:

The problem with most maternity clothing is that it’s objectively sized, in the sense these garments are not made to fit different body sizes, especially plus-size women. It’s not just the belly that grows big during pregnancy; while most clothes are designed to accommodate a burgeoning tummy, they fit uncomfortably around other areas. Mother Bee maternity clothing is made using a mix of rayon and spandex. The garment is super-soft and doesn’t make you drown in yards and yards of fabric.