10 Of The Best Gift Ideas For Pregnant Women

10 Thoughtful Gifts For Pregnant Women Who Deserve To Be Pampered

Pregnancy is a time for celebration. Whether it's your partner, a family member, your bestie, or a colleague, you should celebrate the new pregnancy with the right gifts. Doing this will show the mom-to-be you care, and a show of support will be touching for sure. Of course, most pregnant women create a baby registry and fill it with baby gear essentials. While you can purchase an item off the registry, sometimes it's nice to move away from the list and treat the mom-to-be with a few extra items so she can relax and feel pampered during her pregnancy.

  1. Maternity Dresses

You can never have too many dresses. Dresses are high on our list because they’re must-haves, and these will be appreciated even if the mom-to-be already owns several dresses. While shopping for maternity dresses, look for dresses that are lightweight and made of soft materials. Dresses that have a concealed zipper for nursing are certainly popular.

  1. Pregnancy Pillow

Give the gift of supreme comfort with a huggable, body-length pregnancy pillow. These full-length pillows help with supporting the pregnant belly all through the trimesters, helping the mom-to-be sleep soundly all night.

  1. Pregnancy Journal

If the mom-to-be loves journaling, a pregnancy journal is the perfect gift. Some pregnancy journals will have pregnancy-specific questions and prompts that help the mom-to-be jot down her thoughts and remember the important milestones of pregnancy.

  1. Cotton Underwear

This might not look like a cool gift, but it's undoubtedly useful. Look for underwear that’s made of high-quality cotton; it should have a stretchable waist that can easily fit over the bump. A high-waisted, stretchy pair of underwear is sure to be appreciated by the mom-to-be.

  1. Pregnancy Bath Salts

Bath time isn't just about relaxing—it's all about soothing those tired and aching muscles. Luxurious spa pregnancy bath salts are the perfect way to reduce aches and pains; they’ll help the mom-to-be enjoy a truly relaxing bath.

  1. Spa Gift Cards

Every pregnant woman loves to be pampered. A spa gift card is an excellent way to pamper a mom-to-be. They can get a relaxing pedicure or a whole-body massage. She can redeem this card at her favorite spa and get the soothing treatment of her choice.

  1. Pregnancy-Cravings Gift Basket

If you know that the soon-to-be momma has specific cravings, you can gift her a large basket full of her favorite snacks. You can customize this gift by putting the snacks in a cute basket or tote bag that she can use later.

  1. Subscription Boxes

There are tons of subscription boxes specifically tailored to pregnant women. They usually include a curated collection of gifts for each stage of pregnancy. This is certainly a gift that keeps on giving.

  1. Pregnancy Cookbook

Eating healthy is an essential part of the pregnancy journey. If the soon-to-be mom loves to cook up a storm in the kitchen, gifting her a pregnancy cookbook will ignite her cooking creativity.

  1. A Charming Indoor Plant

While flowers are the traditional congratulatory gift for expecting parents, you can gift a plant that lasts longer. She is sure to feel happy when she sees pretty flowers blooming on her table.

Shower Her With Love

Giving thoughtful gifts is the best way to express your support for a mom-to-be, as they’ll make her feel loved and cherished. Use our list of gifts to choose the right gift for your pregnant friend, family member, or colleague.