10 Best Summer Maternity Clothes for Mother-To-Be

10 Best Summer Maternity Clothes for Mother-To-Be

Motherhood can be a wonderful thing, and many women describe it as the best experience in the world. However, it does come with a few hardships. Don’t let planning your summer wardrobe be one of them. When you’re pregnant, summer fashion may seem out of the question. But you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to wear cute pregnancy outfits for Summer.

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There are dozens of places that you could go to to buy your maternity clothes for Summer –  but be sure to check out Mother Bee Maternity. We offer style and comfort for expecting mothers at a fair price. No matter the occasion, Mother Bee Maternity has got your maternity Summer looks covered. Whether you’re going for a gorgeous, flattering fit or something a bit more comfortable, they’ve got it all.

Top 10 Summer Maternity Clothes for Mother-To-Be

Summer may seem far away, but it’s never too soon to start planning your Summer maternity clothes. There can be many challenges with a summer pregnancy; fashion doesn’t have to be one of them. In fact, a lot of Summer maternity outfits are pretty dang cute. Maternity shirts and stretchy pants can work fine for pregnancy in any season, but nothing beats pregnancy dresses for summer when you’re a mother-to-be. There are also plenty of cute pregnancy outfits for Summer that don’t involve Summer maternity dresses, too.


The best Summer outfits for pregnant ladies are made from light, breathable materials to help combat the heat- especially Summer maternity dresses. Not only is heat stroke an increased risk for pregnant ladies, but being overheated for a long time can be bad for a baby. Summer pregnancy outfits offer an easier movement potential when made out of these materials and the best Summer maternity clothes look good while keeping mama happy.


When choosing maternity outfits, summer pregnancies especially need some care. As you head into summer, don’t let the heat and sweat ruin the joy of picking out your summer maternity clothes. Whether you’re keeping up with the trending summer maternity style must-haves or revamping some old maternity outfits, Summer offers a whole realm of potential for showing off your best maternity clothes for Summer.

Stylish Summer Pregnancy Outfits

If you’re a mother that likes to keep up with all of the fashion trends, then you know that pregnancy, summer fashion, and beauty can go hand-in-hand. Here are a few of the trendiest, must-have Summer pregnancy outfits to get you inspired.

1.   Dresses!

Short, beach, and maxi dresses will be all the rage for pregnancy-style summer of 2022. Boring, baggy, shapeless Summer maternity dresses are a thing of the past. This Summer, it’s going to be all about wearing the best Summer maternity clothes, showing off that baby bump, and taking pride in motherhood. Of course, if you prefer wearing pregnant Summer dresses that are looser and less attention-grabbing, that’s perfectly fine, too!


Maternity Tunic 5 Button Dress $29.99


Finding a sweater that’s comfortable, fits, and has long enough sleeves is hard enough, let alone when you're pregnant and consistently growing. Luckily, Mother Bee Maternity has sweaters, tunics, and long-sleeved shirts that come in all shapes and sizes, fit well, and are super adorable at a great price. And, most importantly, they don’t sacrifice comfort, either.


2.   Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are a revolution in pregnancy dresses for Summer. They are the true superstars of classy Summer pregnancy outfits and casual Summer pregnancy outfits alike. Maxi dresses accentuate your natural pregnancy curves, draping over your belly and silhouetting you perfectly. They highlight and flatter your figure in a way that few other pregnancy dresses for Summer can. When you’re pregnant, summer dresses are one of the easiest and coolest things to wear, too.


If you like the idea of styling your pregnancy outfits for summer with a super cute maxi dress, here are a few of the best maxi dresses to add to your maternity Summer outfits.


Maternity and Nursing Faux Wrap Maxi Dress with Adjustable Belt


When you’re pregnant, Summer dresses don’t get much better than this super cute maternity Summer dress. It’s light, versatile, and will stay functional and stylish as pregnancy outfits for Summer, Fall, and Spring- whenever you like!



Maternity Long Sleeve Dress with Pockets

This maternity Summer dress is long, comfortable, breathable, and has pockets! It’s got a scooping neckline and long sleeves to keep you covered yet feeling gorgeous as always. It’s made of Rayon and Spandex to stretch, last long, and become one of the best maternity clothes for your entire pregnancy.

3.   Beach Dresses

While swimsuits are becoming popular for maternity Summer wear, not all pregnant mothers are comfortable wearing a bikini or skin-tight bathing suit. Fortunately, these beach dresses are coming back in style and will be one of the most popular styles of pregnancy Summer dresses. Beach dresses are beautiful, loose, flowy, and comfortable. Here are just a few for you to consider!


Tie Strap Boho Ruffle Tier Dress

This layered beach dress is truly shabby-chic and will give your Summer pregnancy clothes a kick of easy, breezy simplicity.

4.   Short Dresses

Wearing long, flowing dresses is great, but sometimes a girl needs to show a bit of ankle. If you’re an expecting mother and tired of tripping over the hems of your skirts, the upcoming Summer is embracing shorter maternity Summer dresses. After all, if you want to boost your confidence by showing a little skin, why shouldn’t you?


Maternity Long Sleeve Cowl Neck Dress

For those mothers that want to show off without showing off too much skin, this above-the-knee dress is the perfect way to show some leg while covering up your arms and chest. It’s comfortable, form-fitting, and made of soft, long-lasting polyester fibers.


Oversized Maternity French Terry Sweater Dress with Hood

While fashion and style is all well and good, sometimes a mother just want to sit back and relax in a loose-fitting hoodie. This gentle fabric and forgiving fit will keep you warm and comfortable without giving up all of your fashion sense.

5.   Swimsuits

Over the last few years, one of the biggest maternity looks for summer has been swimsuits. After all, who says being pregnant should stop you from having a fun day at the beach? However, different swimsuits will feel more or less comfortable depending on the mother, and the most important aspect of all Summer maternity outfits is comfort. We recommend shopping around a bit to see which swimsuits you find comfortable and suitable for your Summer pregnancy outfits. Many stores that sell Summer maternity clothes make unique swimsuits designed to provide coverage that protects your child while you relax near the waves.

Casual Maternity Clothes for Summer, like…

6.   Breton Striped Top

Breton stripes are always a fashionable choice, whether you're pregnant or not. However, there’s a certain extra flair that a top with Breton stripes can bring to your wardrobe when gathering cute pregnancy outfits for Summer. Breton stripes are the perfect addition to any maternity Summer outfits for mothers that want to accentuate their baby bump. Paired with denim shorts and some sandals, it could be the perfect casual Summer pregnancy outfit. Or you could pair it with some fancy flats and a maternity skirt to make an outfit that represents the peak of maternity Summer fashion.

7.   Stretchy Denim Shorts

Speaking of super cute casual Summer pregnancy outfits, let’s talk about the perfect maternity clothes for Summer. That’s right, denim maternity shorts! They give typical pregnancy outfits for Summer an adorably effortless look while keeping the mother and baby comfortable. These summer maternity clothes could be an absolute show-stopper when worn in combination with a Breton striped top!

8.   Comfy Cardigans

The long, flowing look of a long cardigan can give you the skirt-like coverage of a dress while offering you more versatility. Pair it with some leggings for a casual look, or slacks for something a bit more dressy. We’ve got plenty of stylish cardigans to top off your maternity summer outfits. They’re super cute, super comfortable, and super soft. Cardigans are perfect for a relaxing walk outside to ward off the morning or evening chill. Cardigans are also stretchy, meaning they will continue to fit you throughout your pregnancy.


Knee Length Draped Cardigan $29.95



Maternity Plaid Cardigan $19.95


Cardigans are low maintenance and easy to wash, too. You have enough to deal with without worrying about special washing and care instructions for your clothes. These cardigans are machine washable, making them easy to clean, and wrinkle-resistant, thanks to the stretchy and forgiving fabric for which they’re famous.

9.   Oversized Sweaters

Mother Bee Maternity doesn’t just sell short-sleeved maternity clothes for summer! They also have sweaters and cute long-sleeved maternity tops like these to keep you warm after dark or on days that just don’t live up to summer’s promises.


Off Shoulder Maternity Waffle Knit Sweater $27.95


Balloon Sleeve Soft Chenille Maternity Sweater $27.95

10.                Maternity Activewear

Bering pregnant is no reason to give up your active lifestyle. Sweatpants are famous for their comfortable waistbands and versatility, perfect for lounging on the couch or taking a pleasant stroll through the neighborhood. Our maternity activewear will keep you comfy no matter your lifestyle!



Women's 2 Piece Heavy Knit Maternity Sweat Suit Set



If you want to keep up with your yoga, are just getting started, or just don’t want to give up wearing leggings, we have maternity leggings. With body-shaping belly support built-in, you’ll stay comfortable all day long!

Women's Body Shaping Maternity Leggings


Some days, you just want to lounge in style. Don’t give up the matching activewear set – get one that won’t ride up and leave your growing belly exposed. Our tie-dyed activewear set will keep you comfy while feeling cute and won’t get in the way if you decide to do some maternity yoga. We’re rooting for you!

Maternity 2 Piece Tie Dye Active Set


Browse the rest of our selections at Mother Bee Maternity and stay fab through your pregnancy and beyond!